Provides Best Treatment for Tooth Extraction and Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal in Science city, Ahmedabad


While it may seem scary, tooth extractions are a lot easier and more comfortable than in the past. And while we’ll try to avoid dental extractions if at all possible, surgical extractions can be crucial for ensuring your mouth is able to function as it was intended. At Darshan Dental, we offer dental extractions to do just this and make sure your teeth are set up for success for the rest of your life

Painless Wisdom Tooth Removal

Some of us are unaffected by them, others develop painful conditions that require their immediate removal. It is not always a wise decision to keep your wisdom teeth. Find out why they may need to be removed, and where to find them in your mouth. The classification is based on the inclination of the impacted wisdom tooth (3rd molar) to the long axis of the 2nd molar. At Darshan Dental clinic, Center for Advanced Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr. Darshan Patel, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon provides painless best of world standard Oral Third Molars (wisdom tooth- Impacted tooth) removal surgeries at his clinic.

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