White Fillings

Dealing with a cavity? When tooth decay is caught in its early stages, a small and minimally-invasive white dental filling is all that’s needed to restore your smile and get your dental health back on track.

Have you ever found black spots on your teeth while brushing? Those black spots are initial small tooth decay which if not treated lead to whole teeth decay and severe painfull dental conditions. WHITE FILLINGS are the solution to this. These fillings require minimal interruption with your tooth structure and look exactly like your natural teeth. It’s now the time to say goodbye to bulky, harmful and distinct silver coloured fillings, and get on board with our modern materials and experienced dentist to get your teeth free from decay and natural looking.
dental cleaning and Dental white filling in ahmedabad

What is white filling?

The white filling also know as COMPOSITE MATERIAL, is a biocompatible resin filling material which once filled in the cavity, after removal of decay, gives the teeth a healthy natural look.

How do I know if I have cavity?

Black visible spots on the chewing area of teeth are generally the intiation of cavity. There might be symptoms of sensitivity, pain on chewing and foodlodgement which are signs for detection of cavities.

However, it is surprising to know that certain patients have no symptoms at all until the cavity spread and lead to severe damage. Thus regular dental visits and check ups are must!

Comparision of composite material with silver filling :

Composite Material

  • Strong Sturdy Biocompatible
  • Natural looking results
  • Require very less tooth structure to be removed while cleaning of decay.

Mercury Silver Filling Material

  • It hs 50% of mercury which has potential severe harmful effects on the body.
  • Bright silver colour appearance
  • Require more tooth structure removal while cleaning of decay.

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